Health Problems Due to Lack of Sleep

On average, adults need sleep seven to eight hours a day. Sufficient sleep time and quality can make you more refreshed and ready for the activity tomorrow. Unfortunately, various activities such as work activities to socialize directly or through social media make a person less sleep.

Health Problems Due to Lack of Sleep

Dr. Raghu Reddy, a sleep medicine specialist at the University of Arkansas, the United States warned of sleep lost in five hours during the week can be replaced with berisitirahat over the weekend. However, if the sleep time lost already more than 20 hours obat penyakit lupus, it will be very dangerous and can interfere with the body’s health, both physical and emotional.

1. Disturb emotional brain
Lack of sleep increases the anticipatory reaction to the emotional center of the brain, thus causing increasing anxiety.

2. High Depression
Lack of sleep causes a decrease in neurotransmitter (a chemical produced by the brain) to set the mood. When bedtime continues to decrease, it can affect the mood, allowing the occurrence of depression.

3. Disrupting the brain’s ability
Lack of sleep in a long time may impair the ability to think and receive information so that it will interfere with one’s focus when on the move.

4. Triggering cardiac disorders
People who stay up too late, so lack of sleep are prone to heart disease risk. Less sleep can also reduce the process of metabolism and increase blood pressure so that the work of the heart to be disturbed.

5. Diet
Less sleep can cause a decrease in leptin, which signals satiety to the brain and increase in ghrelin hormone that stimulates appetite. If this keeps happening, will be disrupted eating patterns and enable the risk of other diseases occur in the body.

6. Breast cancer
When you lack sleep, the hormone melatonin, the hormone anti cancer will decrease. Lack of sleep also trigger increased levels of the hormone estrogen (steroid compounds that function as triggers development of sex organs). When this continues to happen in the sleep cycle, it will cause breast cancer in women.

7. Blood pressure
Lack of sleep one to six hours per day can lead to an increase in systolic blood pressure and can interfere with daily activities. This is what triggers high blood pressure.

8. The risk of stroke
heart health will decrease when you lack sleep. This can make the blood flow to the brain become blocked so that it can trigger a stroke.

9. Triggering diabetes
Lack of sleep can trigger a stress response in the body, resulting in the release of the hormone cortisol and norepenepherine associated with insulin resistance. It also affects the hormones that control appetite.

9 Effective Natural Ingredients to Clean Dirty Blood

The ability of the body’s metabolic processes is strongly influenced by the condition of the blood in the body. Blood because they are an essential element for progress will spur the body to remain healthy. The important role of blood for the human body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the organs that everything depends on the condition of the blood, so that fresh blood will make all the organs in the body can function properly. However, if the blood in your body is dirty or exposure to toxins caused by contamination of foods you eat, or lifestyle is not good, then it can hamper the performance of your body becomes less than the maximum. In fact cara hidup sehat, it could result in the bloodstream to the body’s cells become non-current, that can cause various health problems your body.

Ingredients to Clean Dirty BloodTo keep the blood in the body to keep them clean, you should be able to use or consume natural ingredients to clean your blood of toxins. Because if your blood has high levels of toxins, then it can damage organs in the body, making it dangerous for your health. And this nine natural ingredients that you need to consume to clean the dirty blood in the body. The following statement:

1. Lemon
By way of a squeeze of lemon and take water, then mixed with warm water, so it can be your own Lemon memersihkan consumption to gross blood in the body. Lemon and water should be consuming each morning, so toxins that make your blood is dirty can clean perfectly.

2. Apples
On the content of apples are pectin, which is a kind of fiber to bind cholesterol and heavy metals in your body. Apples are so effective materials to clean the dirty blood in the body. By eating apples, then the toxins that cause bad blood will disappear and make clean the blood of toxins that cause the body’s metabolic processes disrupted.

3. Avocados
The content of nutrients in the avocado fruit may also be called glutathione is useful to eliminate harmful substances in the body. This means that by eating avocados you can cleanse toxins that cause impure blood in the body. Therefore, the avocado is also often used natural ingredients to cleanse dirty blood by most people.

4. Garlic
In addition to be used as a natural preservative, it turns out garlic also contains anti-cancer and antioxidant ingredients that can eradicate the toxic substances in the body, especially in blood and intestines cara memutihkan telapak tangan. By the way you often consume garlic every day, such as a food flavor enhancer. Indirectly garlic also helps to purge impure blood in the body.

5. Turmeric
Rempa spices that one can indeed be used as a natural ingredient for a blood purifier. Because turmeric has anti-venom to remove high levels of toxins in the blood, so the blood can be a maximum performance for your body.

6. Pepper
Pepper is not much different with garlic, which also contains antioxidants that serve to clean the blood of toxins.

7. Greens
Green vegetables as well as natural ingredients that are effective to clean dirty blood, because there is a chlorophyll in green vegetables which works to help cleanse the blood of toxins in your body.

8. Ubi bit
These types of natural materials are already widely known, that the yam Bit is useful to cleanse the blood of toxins. Besides the function of beetroot can also cleanse the liver from toxins hazardous materials.

9. Tea
Mainly on the type of ginger tea, dandelion, peppermint and green tea can also be used as a natural ingredient dirty blood purifier. Because the tea contains a substance that can remove toxins from the body.

Option 5 Business That Suitable For Young Children

Start a business at a young age would be an interesting challenge that is worth a try. In fact, some perpetrators who have proven themselves in a very lucrative profit. That way, no need to hurry to apply for a job at a company because running a business is arguably easier and full of learning in various ways.

Business That Suitable For Young Children

Here are some business opportunities that can be run as:

1. Open a Travel Agency
This type of business can easily be done especially for those who really like the way the road or traveling somewhere. Opened a travel agency is the right solution because the demand is also quite high, especially ahead of the holiday period. The services provided can include the purchase of a ticket or a travel agent. For this kind of business you can collaborate with multiple stakeholders ranging from hospitality, recreation areas to other accommodations as transportation, for example.

Only, in this business should also equip themselves with all the criticism given by the customer. Either because the service has been unsatisfactory to the schedule that do not comply with the plan. However, if done with all my heart that this challenge will be easily missed.

2. Doing Business Online
Business opportunities that this one is quite popular among young people because it is easy, inexpensive, fast and practical. Major capital to run quite as simple as smartphones to multiple accounts on social media to the website. Moreover, no need to stock goods in large quantities due to system or dropship resellers provide convenience for those who want to sell. There are many products that can be offered ranging from children’s needs, electronics, household to services.

To run a business online to note is the speed and accuracy in shipping the product. In addition, the customer service in giving a detailed explanation and provided a number or a communication line to give a positive impression for visitors. What’s important is priority on customer satisfaction in online business because the most important thing is trust.

3. Has Culinary Enterprises
Culinary business is a business that rarely has decreased with consideration of each person needs it. Just look at the restaurant, eating house café keeps popping up which indicates that the business opportunities that this one is quite promising. However, the important thing is keeping the herb or blend to produce food that is not only delicious but consumers always miss him.

Well, as young people try to create a culinary business that has a different concept. Can be started with the name of the foreign café and tend to be unique to make interesting interior design. To introduce to consumers, take advantage of social media such as Facebook, twitter to instagram.

4. Opening Event Organizer
For those who are active in the organization of lectures for business it’s good to be used to open a business EO or Event Organizer. Services of this one pretty much in demand, especially by consumers in urban areas. The services can be given for the reunion, wedding, anniversary, opening new offices to conference meetings.

To be more known, invite friends or relatives to promote even they could be recruited as a team. And do not forget, the social networking helped give a big influence in promoting EO services.

How to Determine Paint Colors Minimalist

Choosing paint minimalist house building and choose paint for a room in it is an important component because the paint color can determine the character of the building and the character of each room. So before choosing a house paint, you must first know what character will be shown in every room in the house.

Warna warna cantik untuk tembok rumah anda

Not only appropriate paint colors, but also must be offset by applying a paint color with lighting contained in the room. Instead, choose a bright paint colors for bright colors can cause widespread impression when exposed to light. Having already specify what color to use, and then discuss it with other family members. It aims to ask the opinion of others, whether they agree and like the colors you’ve chosen.
Here are tips on choosing paint colors minimalist home, I hope you are inspired.

1. Using a Single Color
The advantage of choosing paint with one color is used for the rest of the room is the home will look more harmonious. Selection of one color is used most people like to choose colors that seem neutral, namely, white and beige. Another advantage when using a neutral color for the whole room is to make a match with a variety of furniture that are in the house.
2. Using Two Colors
Two different color themes will give the impression of many variations on the interior design of the house. When paired with wall decoration such as wall clocks or a painting would look quite attractive. However, in the use of these two colors have to be really precise, and we must first imagine any combination of two colors are suitable for application. Some recommendations from our color is, white-blue, white, purple, gray-red, black-red, beige-blue, beige-green and much more.
3. Choosing Colors Based Meaning
Selection of paint color definitely gives the impression of each in every color. Because each color has a different character and impressions with other colors.

White: has a sacred character, neutral and clean.

Gray: gives the impression of a balanced and graceful

Blue: the color of peace and quiet motivation

Green: symbolizes nature, which means health and harmony

Brown: symbolizes toughness and natural shades

Yellow: have an optimistic nature, joy and symbolizes the summer (Sun)

Red: means daring to give the impression of a celebration

Purple: symbolizes creativity, royalty and mystery

That was some tips in choosing a paint color minimalist home. May be an inspiration for those who are designing minimalist house of her dreams. So, I suggest you to going on

The eclectic design for the room Home

Eclectic Design For room house – we would have known that the minimalist design is a design that was popular lately. However, there is also an eclectic design and fans have started to appear even more and more. Eclectic design began to be known by the public at lately. Eclectic design is the concept of the development of a minimalist design that is mixed with past designs like the classic design, art deco and others. So it is not only using modern-style furnishings, but also use the furniture in the style of the past or the past.

Desain ruang tamu eklektik modern
This design can also be used for people who are still confused to choose the design of what is right for his house. Especially for those of you who already bought new items for the interior of the house but also wants to use the furniture and decoration are used. Well, it’s very workable to create an eclectic design.
Eclectic designs already have a lot of fans, especially for the people of Indonesia. Because it is so easy to combine an eclectic design with ethnic designs other areas that will produce an eclectic ethnic design. As with using usur-usur ethnic such as using a woven fabric, songket or batik fabrics for tablecloths and can also be used fortunately canceled sofa slipcover.
To create a touch of eclectic ethnic design is recommended to wear colors that create the impression of a natural. Furthermore, for bedroom use traditional bed that has a lot of engraving then use the mattress. Spring bed, and the bed cover using concepts such as classical or art deco concept to maintain the shape of the room remained minimal.
To design the space, the other also did not differ much, can combine between traditional and modern furniture maintaining a minimalist concept. Such as wearing Victorian dining chairs with the concept of a minimalist concept with a table covered with patterned fabrics bamboo decoration which can give the impression of oriental china. For example to lay your garden sculpture italian or roman style by making a few changes to become classics without changing the minimalist concept. Come here and get more info

Met Syarif Hasan, Fahri Hamzah Request reunited with SBY

After being fired PKS, Fahri Hamzah now intend to meet General Chairman of the Democratic Party of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. What is the purpose Fahri?

Fahri Sebut yang Memecatnya dari PKS adalah Pengkhianat Partai

Fahri intention was conveyed when he met members of the High Council of the Democratic Party (PD) Syarief Hasan. Both come to the press room in the House of Representatives in the Nusantara III Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/04/2016).

“I want to meet with Pak Pak SBY Syarief. I want to tell you. No. I have not changed, sir,” said Fahri told Syarief.

Syarief would respond positively Fahri desire. “Oh yes may be, may be,” she said while exchanging numbers with Fahri.

When confirmed the purpose of his arrival to meet with SBY, Fahri denied that having a purpose. He called just want to visit in a relaxed.

“My neighbor, that’s he lived in Cikeas, I am in Cibubur. I’ve been pact but had not had time-only. As long as there is Mr. Syarif, we want to talk,” said Fahri.

A matter of time, Fahri call is still waiting to hear from Syarief. “I’ll wait for Mr. Syarief first. To get there because of my neighbors. Coffee-coffee we are,” he said.

Had circulated the news that Fahri sacking of PKS also because no external support. One of them calls it deals with the attitudes that are often criticized SBY Fahri when the PD coriander still president.

“Nothing. I do not believe (the news). The person at the time of course he became president, he did not do it to me. Especially now that he is no longer president, which he might do,” he said.

Precisely with Fahri criticism, he said SBY could be better as president. SBY said was never questioned about it.

“Indonesia is relatively achievements crept up in the time of his (SBY). It’s one of them is because of our criticism, he repeatedly (say) ‘go on my sister, continue my sister’. So you know 10 years of Pak SBY lead, I was a critic Thank God he is and there’s no problem, “explained Fahri.

“Pak SBY know we are members of Parliament, our mouth is, guaranteed by the people. It should not be silenced, should not be stopped. Because our mouths protected the constitution and for the good of the executive we are criticizing,” he continued.

Claimed Fahri, criticism in a democracy is an obligation. If Parliament does not give the criticism, he said that even be a problem and will be dangerous. Criticizing calls is the essence of a member of Parliament.

“(The criticism), the result Pak SBY two periods, criticism for he made Pak SBY take the best decision. Pak SBY penetrate to the nation state budget 2 times, a thousand T he breaks, two thousand him through. After his not ruling should we praise , so he rule we ought to criticism. so in theory, “said Fahri.

When meeting with SBY, Fahri said he wanted to talk about a bigger issue than pergolakannya with MCC. “He is a former president of the second period, in which there is any great knowledge about Indonesia. Do not play games,” he added.

Fahri also denied that he had come to SBY later was to join with the Democrats after being fired MCC. As an announcer, he said he wants to remain in the party’s propaganda.

“No, no. I am the founder of the MCC, I still want at the MCC. I actually sue in order to get back to the MCC,” said legislator dapil NTB.

So what if SBY is offering? Are you willing?

“No lah, it’s not possible,” said Fahri terminate.

Selection Motif Wallpaper Bedroom Wall

The wallpaper on the bedroom wall is useful to provide beauty and a sense of comfort in the bedroom. Actually, wallpaper has been known since ancient times, but the new-known and widely used lately. Using wallpaper can also be useful to prevent damage to the wall. Wallpaper has been widely used for members of other designs impression of a room as in the bedroom. In the more modern era, there are kinds of motifs and wallpaper the walls, from the colors to the tone.

Contoh motif wallpaper dinding kamar tidur elegan bagus
If you are still confused to choose wallpaper for the walls of the bedroom, here we have a few tips.

1. Measure the room / Wall
The measure is the first thing to do because usually buy wallpaper in meters. For small-sized rooms can choose the model wallpaper horizontal wall so the room look more spacious. As for the king-sized room can use elegant colors.
2. Choose Motif Wallpaper
Motifs that have complex motives and will give the impression of a narrow crowded in a room, especially for the narrow room is not advisable to use such motives, contrary motif is simple and elegant will make the room look more spacious. For a child’s bedroom 5-10 years old choose a wallpaper bedroom wall with a picture of their favorite cartoons.
3. Choose Color Wallpaper
Choose wallpaper with colors Mimili impression of soft and warm like, a blend of green with blue. Can also choose a color blend of brown or gold. It aims to give the impression of a comfortable and warm for the bedroom. For teenage child’s bedroom, you should choose wallpaper with a modern image like the Eiffel Tower, a painting, or motives that they like. Noteworthy is do not use wallpaper the walls a different color for the bedroom will look messy.
4. Choose Material Type Wallpaper
Do not pick the material wallpaper walls were difficult to treat. Choose wallpaper can be cleaned using water without damaging the motive. Then, do not choose a wallpaper that has the texture as it would make goods can get stuck and difficult to clean.
Motif wallpaper will certainly be able to add aesthetic impression that appeals to the bedroom. Selection of the right is one of the key in designing. Great source on

How Small Houses and Minimalist Design?

Have a nice house and beautiful is a dream for everyone. Plus more and more people who want to have a house with a minimalist design. Keep in mind that having a house did not have a large and luxurious to be converted into a house minimalist style. The small house can also be stylish minimalist and modern luxury. The most important thing is that it can be used for a place to stay and be made comfortable. Of course this will never be heard, “My house, palace!”.

Usually people who have a house with an attractive design, elegant and simple to make owners feel more comfortable. But most important of it all is because a clean environment factors can increase a sense of comfort for us.

Who would not want to have a fancy house? Of course we all want it. But for those who do not have more funds need not be discouraged because luxury home does not mean that the house has a large size and amount of furniture and decorations in it.

At this time have a lot of small houses minimalist style. And this minimalist small house can be designed like a luxury home. Curious how? Let’s look carefully!

Interior rumah sempit dan mungil tapi fungsional
1. Set the room Condition
In general, small house minimalist rooms that seemed narrow and crowded with goods. In fact, it all depends on us when arranging typesetting goods and interior of our homes. To make it look spacious preferably, do not put things bulky items that do not have a function in the room.
2. Choose Smart Color Floor
Choosing the color of the floor and also pay attention to things that need attention in order to be visible luxury homes. We recommend using the same color of the floor in every room and floor sepadankan texture and style to any room in the house. It will make the house will seem larger.

3. Roof House
Altitude roof of the house will affect the temperature in the house, because the higher the roof of the house, the atmosphere of the house will not be hot. And next is to use bright colors roofs.

4. Reduce the Use of Insulation
If you have a small house, do not wear a lot of room bulkhead to distinguish from one another. The amount of insulation in the house will make the house more and more narrow. Instead, combine appropriate room such as a living room with a lounge area.

5. Light setting
Light is also one of the factors that influence the design minimalist house, to make it more visible area to use bright lights by using the canopy. It berujuan to create lagit false ceiling of the shed.

6. Garnish House
Decorate the house is one of the activities that must be done to make the house more beautiful. But in a minimalist home, and in a minimalist home design by decorating the room with a big mirror. The mirror will make the rooms of the small house seem minimalist look spacious.

7. Choosing Furniture
Because of the small house minimalist rooms are cramped, you should select furniture that does not even narrowed the room. One of them is to choose a table and chairs minimalist.

That was some small tips minimalist design houses. The house is small does not mean unattractive as long as we know how to design it. Find related article from

Disabling Buwas Komjen BNNP North Maluku Head Related Razia Narcotics

Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Commissioner General Budi Waseso issuing deactivation BNN head of North Maluku Province Commissioner Ely Jamaladin. Deactivation is done for the overhaul of the combined drug raid.

Komjen Buwas Nonaktifkan Kepala BNNP Maluku Utara Terkait Razia Narkotika
“Today I’ve issued a sprin (warrant) disabling concerned. In order to do the examination. This is the first step BNN,” said the man who is familiarly called Buwas on BNN’s Office Jl MT Haryono, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/19/2016) ,
Buwas admitted that he had heard the officers under joint narcotics raid also kept the military and police in a karaoke. BNN team is currently studying the presence of his men during a raid in progress.
“News so. Now the client is checked Irtama (Inspector Main), which certainly positions (Chief BNNP North Maluku) are being explored, because that is concerned there is no relationship combined operations. The implementation of joint operation itself of elements of military police and municipal police, including members of BNNP North Maluku, “he explained.
According Buwas, Ely was not involved in narcotics raid operation. Because it is internal party BNN examination.
“Yesterday already the initial examination is concerned we do the examination of urine tests, blood and hair. If it is proven in question have violated the code of conduct or criminal or abuse of power. Because of the presence in a place that should not be allowed to be there and there is no relationship interests a task that we take steps harsh crackdown against the concerned, “he said.
(See also: Gather Facts About BNN news BNNP Head of North Maluku Netted Razia)
Previously Head BNNP North Maluku, Ely confirmed Abubakar has denied participating in the raid netted a chronological telling of events at the time.
“I have a clarification to the BNN public relations center. I am who signed the warrant for the raid, but how I was affected by the raids. I was there was supervising activities of joint raids BNN, POM, and the police,” Ely said when contacted.
“My position is not inside, as reported. I’m watching and watching, suddenly came POM, I see activity in the raid was in there, there are journalists take photographs thought I was in and netted,” he added.
Ely also made sure he could not have been netted. Because it was he who signed the warrant joint raid conducted by BNNP North Maluku.
“If I am in the same girls is not possible, my people who led the operation. My right eye on the kids who checked in there, I also signed the warrant,” said Ely

How to File a missing person Report

How to File a missing person Report

How to File a missing person Report

When a person you love disappears will cause panic. It’s only human nature.But it is important to remain clear in your head, even if your mind is in turmoil. First, you need to call the police. After filing a missing persons report. Do this as soon as possible after you are sure that the person really is missing. While the system varies from State to State, the report is pretty much the same.


Writing the report

1 <p> write down the exact description of the person. State hair color, eye color, skin color, height, weight, build, about scars and other specific personalfeatures. Type the length and style of hair, body type kecantikan wanita and the kind of voice that person and whether he wears glasses or braces. Something tangible thatyou can give, is important.

2 <p> Describe the last one, you saw the person wearing. Describe your shoes, hats and accessories, as well as the physical clothes worn.

3 <p> write down all known diseases and any medication that the missing person invokes. A diabetic may be in desperate need of insulin, and is about to be taken on a daily basis, some heart medications. Write down the problems, and possible solutions the person uses to keep it in control.

4 <p> Pull together photographs of your loved one. Head and shoulder shots are usually best. But if the person has an unusual stature, includes a full-body shot. Both types of photographs are useful. Come with any images you can, which reflects how the person looks like today

5 <p> account. As detailed as possible-where the person was and what shedid before she disappeared. This may take call friends, family members or go to places that person frequents. Try to get a last observation. This can be instrumental in finding the person.

Filing report



Provides all the information in paragraph 1 to your local police station both orally and in writing. Be as thorough as possible. Include anything you can think of, and do it as quickly as possible.

7 <p> Request, information to be given to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) missing person file.

8 <p> Ring to the National Center for Missing and abused children (see Resources) at 800-THE-LOST or 800-843-5678, if the person is a minor. Give the group with the information given in paragraph 1. Someone that will further help you find the missing person.

9 <p> Follow-up often to find out more information about the case. Keep in mind, however, that with a case of this magnitude should all involved units contact you immediately after finding new or relevant information. Responsive control in appropriate, though.